第45回 神戸ファッションコンテスト2018

エントリー#15 原島 絵美/Emi HARASHIMA


原島 絵美   Emi HARASHIMA

(文化服装学院   Bunka Fashion College)


about My affection




In a transitioning era with changing environmental conditions and uncertainty where does one direct our sense of affection and love?


In our lives, there is abundance of convenience but at what cost?


Used clothes end up in landfill only to harm the environment and cause wild animals to lose their natural habitat.


The important element is make used clothes by oneself which contain a message, expressing one’s own ideas through original prints and embroidery.


エントリー#14 野中 優/Yu NONAKA


野中 優   Yu NONAKA


Naked Tribe Goes Decorative










Yaghan-The unique naked tribe which has been already extinct in 19th Century, arctic Patagonia.

They lived with distinctive and unusual habit that the weather was cold therefore they didn’t wear clothes. Their extremely high metabolism kept Yaghan people alive on the frozen ground, and they drew various kinds of stripe patterns on their body with grease which was extracted from animal bodies to help their body temperature keep warm.

Reconstructing their strange culture as modern street wear, I used acrylic transparent board and polyester organza. Laser cut acrylic motifs and texture printed on organza is inspired by Patagonian frozen, steric land and hypsography.

I wanted to do something sporty and “tech”-ish with this collection so those transparent materials layered with ribbed knit items add lightness and futuristic vibe to the collection.

エントリー#13 都梅 誠/Makoto TSUBAI


都梅 誠   Makoto TSUBAI


るすばんちゅうのふぁっしょんしょー   Fashion show at home








For this collection, I focused on a photo of me when I was four years old as a boy.

The photo was of me wearing my sister’s ballerina costume, after crying about my desire to wear it. Reflecting on that picture, I realized that I used to have a primitive curiosity, and that I had a difficult time differentiating between fantasy and reality.

But now as an adult, I have a different point of view.

I want to challenge myself to search for eternity between my four years old self and my adult self and expressing this through my designs.


I want society to question why fashion fascinates some people through my story.

エントリー#12 都築 悠/Yu TSUZUKI


都築 悠   Yu TSUZUKI

(文化服装学院   Bunka Fashion College


My Parametricism


建築家Zaha Hadid の流動的建築から発想。






I thought from the fluid architecture of architect Zaha Hadid.

I treat the solid as a continuous section, convert it from 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional, and create a 3-dimensional fluid model.

The silhouette gets inspiration from the architecture and bones of life forms.

Acrylic close to architecture, synthetic leather close to clothing, applied to materials and laser cat are applied.

This is an experimental attempt to find the difference between architecture and fashion.

エントリー#11 塚原 達也/Tatsuya TSUKAHARA


塚原 達也   Tatsuya TSUKAHARA


想い宿る衣服   the seat of the soul









シルク(ビスコース、オーガン 等)コットン(レース等)ポリ(チュール等)その他 etc…







Imagine a better future by knowing various wonderful technologies, knowledge, arts, and culture built in the past and combining it with contemporary new things.


The Collection Theme

Nikko Toshogu Shirine-Japan’s grand Sinto shrine designated as World Heritage.

Its various kinds of sculpture and formative artwork has inspired me to design embroidery and decoration for dress code collection.

The dresses, in which the Japanese sprit stays, is ready here to spread the brand-new figure of “Modern oriental Virtue” to the world.

エントリー#10 タン ヒュマン/Tam Hiuman


タン ヒュマン   Tam Hiuman

(文化学園大学   Bunka Gakuen University)





国のため、兵士たちが戦場で敵と戦うことは残酷だが、“聖の夜“ クリスマスになると国の利益より人間として心から望む平和が明らかに、そして自分一人で思ったことではなく、軍隊の戦友、さらに敵軍も同じく平和を望むことで、平和なクリスマス休戦ができ、共に祝いました。それは、人間とクリスマスの魅力であると思います。




I designed a concept that is from the story of “Christmas Truce.”

Solders are meant to fight for their country. There are wars and they have to hunt or kill their enemies. But the solders who were fighting in WWI during the first “Holy Night”― Christmas, unauthorizedly prioritized peace and the hope for truce are over any benefits they night possibly get for their country, put down their weapon and had an agreement to pause the fight. Two warring sides were even truly having a peaceful and joyful Christmas Night.


The fabric I use can. Also be seen in WWI military. Such as canvas, Burberry and Gabardine. For Christmas I use Red and Green and Tartan which inspirit by Christmas decoration to represent the joyful of Christmas.

エントリー#09 滝田 成実/Narumi TAKITA


滝田 成実   Narumi TAKITA

(杉野服飾大学   Sugino Fashion College)


Fermented Scenery (発酵した景色)





By fermented scenery I mean the scenery and natural creatures formed with the lapse of time. This is the progress of nature that does not stand out nor is touched by humans but is unnoticeable. In this work, these natural creatures are not intended to be copied but rather artificially expressed.

Dark-toned, shiny fabric gives cold, artificial impression.

エントリー#08 シン カ ヤン/Sin Ka Yan


シン カ ヤン   Sin Ka Yan

(文化服装学院   Bunka Fashion College)


点・線・面 「構成」   Dots・Lines・Surfaces “The Constitution”






以上の特徴から、私はゴッホの作品を思い出しました。あの点・線・面の運用の全壁さ、表現の自由さ、そして、自由と世界への恐怖心など. . . 今回自分の作品に不可欠な要素だと思って、自分のやりかたで作品のデザインに取り組んでみました。



My project aims as expressing my feeling regarding the relationship between natural and composition of this material world by using painting, knit work and etc., as features of my design.

This idea came up to me under 2 key words : “Atom Arrangement” & “Van Gosh”. As we know, our material world naturally formed by various atom arrangement pattern. Numerous of atoms (dots) gathering, forming into line and lining up into sur face. This natural order provides me senses of quite, calm and pure.

Never the least the natural order has the power to free from “time”. Al though our world is controlling under “time”. We con not resist to the flow of time. The concept of how atoms (dots) form this world (surfaces of material thing) world never be changed. It is a proof showing me that “Perfect freedom always around this world.”

And since I think works of Van Gosh shore the feature of how dots, lines and surfaces working perfectly together in expressing meaning. Thus, I tried to add his works in to my project. I hope that can able me to express my feeling : natural, pure, freedom, and fear of freedom indeed.

エントリー#07 佐藤 百華/Momoka SATO


佐藤 百華   Momoka SATO


Pagan Poetry




“Amish” lives in some parts of America.

Focusing on the period called “Rumspringa”, young people live in a worldly life and go on a journey to decide their nay of life.

They have been living solemnly, going to the cities and knowing various people and culture.

I imagined thein senses that both world knew, I designed interwoven youth culture, based on the Amish uniform.

エントリー#06 齋藤 利保/Riho SAITO


齋藤 利保   Riho SAITO

(文化ファッション大学院大学   Bunka Fashion Graduate University)
















The name Manaty is my nickname. It is a concept of my ‘evil image’ and reflects in my looks which I sometimes use as an escape from reality.


TRIP has three meanings

・The “TRIP” where I traveled

・The high feeling I get when I look at a concert stage “TRIP”



These three mixed together to me become psychedelically distorted, decaying glittery and ornate addiction. Placing myself, Manaty, on this TRIP I want to express this feeling with bead embroidery, deconstruction and original knit fabrics.

I think that you can feel the gap between the image seen by others and the true self with this clothes.

エントリー#05 桑山 竜太朗/Ryutaro KUWAYAMA


桑山 竜太朗   Ryutaro KUWAYAMA

(文化服装学院   Bunka Fashion College)









The concept of my project is “Respect women’s body.” By referring to the natural beauty and features of woman body. I designed and made these outfits to express how “strong and beautiful every woman can be.”

This time, I selected and used full fabric, By covering surfaces of my outfits in white and blue colored tulle, Once light hits the surfaces it will be reflected like ‘moonlight hits on women’s skin.’

エントリー#04 加藤 大地/Daichi KATO


加藤 大地   Daichi KATO

(エスモード・ジャポン 東京校   ESMOD Japon Tokyo


興奮の余韻   Lingering excitement







Taste and flavor that still remains even after the thing is over.

Feeling to settle down the excitement which still remains without perfectly calm. A sense of exaltation that keeps remaining and a sense of emptiness that springs up. The state of the minds that exists in between a sense of exaltation and a sense of emptiness.

To express contrastive emotions, the fabrics used are Gabardine and Organdy.

And, I expressed “the excitement which still remains without perfectly calm” by applying the bijoux to the fabric, and also expressed the two emotions by overlapping the transparent fabrics.

エントリー#03 岡本 将宗/Masahiro OKAMOTO


岡本 将宗   Masahiro OKAMOTO

(香蘭ファッションデザイン専門学校   Koran College of fashion Design)


ミリタリーに花   Flower to Military



戦えなくして美しさをめで、笑い合おう 戦意は喪失し皆手を取り合い踊るだろう






Make flowers bloom on combat uniforms.

Make people unable to fight and let them love beauty laugh together.

They’re lose the will to fight and hold hands each other to dance.

I don’t feel like to wear combat uniform in daily life.

Because it is contrary to happiness, beauty, and our natural feelings.

Make flowers bloom on combat uniforms.

Poppy’s orange glow which is formed on the uniforms will make people smile.

I’d like to propose the military clothes which will make the people

In this tense world have such feelings.

エントリー#02 江上 千晴/Chiharu EGAMI


江上 千晴   Chiharu EGAMI

(ここのがっこう   Coconogacco)









I think that the smartphone becomes the parts of body now.

I turned into a human being expanding the body in the future, and coexisting with a thing while evolution of the AI advanced, and I think about what kind of evolution clothes accomplish.

I made a new silhouette based on the Western ⇔ Orient, three-dimensional ⇔ flat, a keyword of the clamping ⇔ liberation = born ⇔ jersey from history of clothes by filling the gap of clothes, and making a framework

The material is neoprene. I printed a cross-woven lattice to picture with a slanted line to make a design with the movement such as the physical line digitally.

I made use of a characteristic of the repulsion material and served the feel of a material with the irregularity at the quilting.

エントリー#01 岩崎 美鈴/Misuzu IWASAKI


岩崎 美鈴   Misuzu IWASAKI




人間のことを宇宙(cosmos)になぞらえて、ミクロコスモス(micro cosmos 小宇宙)と表現することがある。人間の身体、精神の秩序構造が、宇宙の秩序構造に似ているとの観点から生まれた概念だ。





There is a term in western philosophy that designate man as “micro cosmos”, regarding human beings as micro cosmos, “a little world”. It refers to the ancients’ idea that human body is constructed by the same fundamental particles that the universe is created and is defined as a miniature of the universe.

The concept is inspired this feature of micro cosmos which is reflected in the design, expressing the mystique nature and energetic vitality that human beings have.


A number of people choose to take their own life today, which I believe is more than it was used to be. There might be more moments in everyone’s life when we feel isolated and empty. I express in the design that each of our lives is as important and beautiful as we can be connected to the universe full of galaxies for all of us living in modem society.