第45回 神戸ファッションコンテスト2018

エントリー#15 若生 隆人/Takato WAKO

若生 隆人 Takato WAKO
(文化服装学院 Bunka Fashion College)
Second Skin.
My main silhouette is inspired by an emphasized repetition of construction and re-construction.
The concept is to protect the skin.
Fabrics used in men’s suits, traditional white shirt, and Burberry trench textile are used.
Also, focusing on one of Japanese big problem, which is tattoos,
I got a hint from wabori, Japanese traditional tattoos, and used them onto my original textiles for the inner bodysuits. Raising up the morality in the modern society.

エントリー#14 三原 健太郎/Kentaro MIHARA

三原 健太郎 Kentaro MIHARA
(文化服装学院 Bunka Fashion College)
Worst Possibility
「Worst Possibility」ヒマラヤに挑む者の心情や恐怖心。死んでいった登山者、事故にあった登山者のリアルな恐怖心と、常に「最悪の可能性」を考えなければならない。そんな環境で前に進むアルピニストたちに着目し、絶望的な心情を捉え、リアルで機能的ながら新しさを持ったアウトドアスポーツファッションへと創造させる。
” Worst Possibility ” those feelings and fear to challenge the Himalayas. The death of the climbers and the realistic fear for accidents, climbers must always consider the ” worst possibility ” . Focusing on alpinist who kept moving forward in such an environment; capturing their desperate feelings inspired me to create outdoor sports fashion with functional details while developing new ideas.

エントリー#13 真邉 奏/Kana MANABE

真邉 奏 Kana MANABE
(東京モード学園 Tokyo Mode Gakuen)
Inside of skeleton
We understand the world around us through knowledge acquired through learning, this learning can be performed by various means, often without actually physically seeing or experiencing the subject personally. Physically seeing something can drastically alter our perspective and understanding of it.
My proposed theme is ‘Skeleton’ which will provide visual information within the design, enabling us to perceive something we are not normally able to see.
The pattern and design are inspired by the human skeleton, using light fabrics to represent the texture of bone, made into three-dimensional bone like structures within the clothing design.

エントリー#12 松永 駿/Shun MATSUNAGA

(名古屋ファッション専門学校 Nagoya Fashion College)
Since 2010, started penetrates the 3D movies and 3D TVs in Japan. Thanks to that, nowadays it is common for some creators to use 3D printer to make solid objects. Therefore I wondered what could happen if I would put the idea and technique of 3D elements into “my clothes”.  This time,”9D”as my concept, I took three points to express them.
First is as a color. As you can see, these clothes compose bi-color(red and cyan).By using anaglyph, the technology of 3D film.
Second point is as a form. I made use of the fact by layers of tight and over size of clothes which enable you to see the space and distance and depth of clothes.
Third point is as a decoration. Plus made three-dimensional when seen in “parts”, as well as when seen in its “entirety” and decorated with hand embroidery and beads embroidered flat or concave.
Welcome to my 9D-world

エントリー#11 宮本 龍児/Ryuji MIYAMOTO

宮本 龍児 Ryuji MIYAMOTO
祈り The praying
The motif is the wooden Buddha statue which the vitality to have of the tree is felt.
As for me, a Chinese Buddha statue and the faith of the tree felt splendor of the Japanese culture in being harmonized wonderfully.We live in daily life like oneself by praying and let consciousness spread and can get a necessary message.
I made sensory sensitivity and clothes and physical harmony a keyword.

エントリー#10 佐藤 怜/Rei SATO

佐藤 怜 Rei SATO
(金沢美術工芸大学 Kanazawa college of art)
Mysterious curve
The harmonizing of the woman’s body was composed by organic curves with the texture of “Raori”.
I’d like to express the woman’s mysterious existence by that. ”Raori” is a Japanese silk textile which was woven only for ministers, and that was a noble thing that only chosen person could wear it before. This is beautiful textile, but today, there are not so many people who know it because of that’s scarcity. On this work, I adjusted the width of the cloth, by gathering the yarns, and I created this curvaceousness on the whole of the cloth.


エントリー#9 斉藤 純平/Jumpei SAITO

斉藤 純平 Jumpei SAITO
少年よ大志を抱け Boys, be ambitious!
I am committed to creating a thing which has both a high quality and adorable design like a toy. Fashion industry is where I have been wishing to work for since my childhood. It is filled with entertainment, which will never be end. Although there are an infinite number of combinations of thread, knitting, coloring, and weaving etc, it can never be achieved without power of imagination. But completion of the product moves people’s heart. Paying attention to fabric, accessories, and style, I aim to create a thing which has both a quality of practical application and iconic design. Characteristics of the collection are voluminous, spontaneous, delicate, and sporty.
The women that it is taken a snapshot outside of fashion shows such as a talent, art director, stylist and model. The women who can enjoy iconic items and cutting edge fashion before appearing to markets. Singers whom we can see on such as a music video.
Synthetic fibers which I usually deal with in the working place are used for my collection. By using vacuum packs for the part of bulge inside, it makes possible to express my emotion which comes out of my inside. The list of item is composed of block + pants/ block+ dress/ block + skirt. I apply delicate decorations for lower items (pants, dress and skirt) to keep a balance between upper and lower, because the upper (block) is expected to be too rough.

エントリー#8 小宮 みこ/Miko KOMIYA

小宮 みこ Miko KOMIYA
Choose either from an original brand or a handcrafted product for which you propose a special new style which holds the essence of haute couture for the streets.
Theme is ENGI. (Engi-mono means Lucky Charm)There are many places and cultures around the world in which you can find all kinds of different talismans with which people did not pray for their own happiness but for all of mankind.
Unfortunately in today’s world the news is filled with catastrophes, discrimination and war.
I created these Japanese talismans to make people of the current generation from all around the world smile without boundaries despite all the conflicts.
I propose this new style of mixing modern girlish ruffle and puff sleeves with old traditional Japanese gods of luck such as the Shichifukujin (Seven Gods of good fortune), Otafuku and many more into one genre. Also I included bijou and other decorations to make the items look more luxurious.

エントリー#7 鎌田 実那/Mina KAMADA

鎌田 実那 Mina KAMADA
和敬清寂 Wakeiseijyaku
“Wakeiseijyaku” is said that the words of Sen no Rikyu who admonished that the tea ceremony was going to become in the ostentation, and also this is the word that represents the spirit of the tea ceremony. (和=harmony, 敬=respect, 清=purity, 寂=tranquility)
I got inspired by many sides of Sen no Rikyu, and also focused on the clothes of Zen monk by the silhouette. With taking the advantage of the flexibility of bamboo, I tried to substantiate the traditional and delicate beauty. Through the Volume and sheer, I wanted to express the substantial strength and pureness like natural springs.

エントリー#6 笠松 志勇/Shiyu KASAMATSU

笠松 志勇 Shiyu KASAMATSU
It is come up with the idea by the transparence specimen which I dye a bone,
and is made to observe the frame of the creature.
Have an atmosphere unlike the bone which imaged so far; is delicate powerfully, and is flexible.
I seemed to be reborn to new existence with the figure that the life that I invited an end to was new.
I make laminating processing on the lace which I dyed and plunge a mysterious view of the world that a specimen has into textile. I build powerful clothes flexibly while fusing by beads embroidery for a cutwork, and imaging the brightness of a reborn figure.

エントリー#5 押葉 音貴/Hibiki OSHIBA

押葉 音貴 Hibiki OSHIBA
(エスモード・ジャポン 京都校 ESMOD JAPON KYOTO)
Space shuttle
3つのキーワードがあります。1つ目は、ミニマルかつシルエットは流動的に大胆にです。大きく綺麗な曲線を身にまとうような服をデザインしています。正面からだけではなく、横、斜め、後ろ、あらゆる方向から見ても服がつながりのある綺麗なシルエットを意識しています。2つ目は、future luxuryです。新しいシルエットで綺麗な美しい服を作ることを意識しています。
今回の3体にはシルエットを大きくみせる為に鞄用の芯を使用しています。ボリュームを大きく見せたいのですが、服全体としては軽さも出したいので、軽くて張りのある鞄用の芯を使用しました。また、透け感のある生地にプリントすることで、立体的に奥行きのあるプリントを見せることが出来ます。生地はSpace shuttleを表現する為に光沢感のある生地や、張り感のあるデニム生地を使用しています。
There are three keywords.
At first, a minimalism then the silhouette move fluidly and boldly. I design the clothes like the body wears greatly a clean curve on. It is not only from the front, but also from every direction such as the side, a slant and the back, to show the clothes are conscious of the beautiful silhouette with the connection.
Secondly, it is future luxury. I am aware of making clean beautiful clothes with a new silhouette.
I consciously design with unprecedented futuristic silhouette. However, the design has to be conscious of a beautiful silhouette or line rather than outrageous design essence .
Thirdly, the clothes provide a new sense of values to the person who wears it on. I would like to suggest the new style for the person that is different from the usually wearing on itself. I am aware of designing clothes for the person can aware the beauty then become more attractive through the wearing on it.
This time, I use a core material in order to make the silhouette looks bigger, the core is normally use for bags as interlinings. For the reason I chose a core material, it makes the volume for whole clothes, it keeps the lightness.
In addition, the printing a translucency fabrics are able to provide the its with an appearance of depth. The translucency fabric inspire a feeling of Space shuttle, the denim fabric inspire a strength of tension and texture.
bone, made into three-dimensional bone like structures within the clothing design.

エントリー#4 奥村 考裕/Kosuke OKUMURA

奥村 考裕 Kosuke OKUMURA
(大阪モード学園 Osaka Mode Gakuen)
ツナガルカタチ  Form connect
In this world, we can always see the grandeur and strength bought by the connection of various things.
When different things gathered one by one, we can produce the shape and tie jacquard weave.
Eventually the gorgeous form can be created by the combination of print, jacquard, weave, embroidery, kniting and so on. This is how the magnificent energy can be expressed by the connections.

エントリー#3 内村 円悠/Enyu UGHIMURA

内村 円悠 Enyu UCHIMURA
Craftsmans Luxurizm
Handwork creation is beautiful. Dressing up my clothes is feel luxury and blissful time.
I produced it for the purpose of making it changing military ware into a luxurious taste. IT wears it in a town without wearing it by the fight. It attaches a flower to her life. The material used silk mainly. I used embroidery and code work.

エントリー#2 今村 未来/Miki IMAMURA

今村 未来 Miki IMAMURA
(文化ファッション大学院大学 Bunka Fashion Graduate University)
My inspirations are from the fighting fish ‘Betta’ ,which has unique color coordination and the beauty in its form.
My aim is to express,by using the inspirations,the power and beauty that people living in the modern society have been showing.
I used thin and delicate its fabrics such as tulle to express elegant fins,and thickly knitted fabrics to show dynamic changes that the fish ‘Betta’ has.
I made my original pleated fabrics by applying heat to thin thermoplastic materials. Then I stitched curving to show the brilliant spread of its fins. By applying cut-work,I made it look solid.

エントリー#1 石野 愛弥/Ami ISHINO

石野 愛弥 Ami ISHINO
The theme is “Nishiki”, inspired from Nishiki Koi (Asian Carp) around in the water.
Billows of marble pattern,
Bright red, Ink black and White…
It is Bright and beautiful color.
I want to make beautiful and feel strong clothes.
Those clothes can acquire a strong when put on those clothes.
I think it is an armor to protect oneself.